Day of Surgery

Your nurse will walk you to the surgery room and you will be placed on the operating table. In the operating room you will notice there will be several people; a surgical tech that will be responsible for handing me instruments and nurses to help take care of you. The room is often very cold as we wear heavy leaded gowns during the surgery. It is also important to maintain a temperature that reduces the risk of infection. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them so we can make your stay here in the operating room more comfortable.

You may take your pain medication with a small sip of water. Please discuss any other medications during the pre-op visit or with the surgical facility prior to your surgery. You may also brush your teeth prior to surgery. However, when brushing your teeth it is important that you do not swallow the water and simply wash your mouth out and spit in the sink.

Many patients would like to know if they can watch their surgery during the operation. Please discuss it with me prior to the surgery if you are interested in doing so.

Please do not wear any make-up on the day of your surgery. This may interfere with our ability to perform anesthesia or a procedure prior to your surgery.

We ask that when you come to surgery that you do not have nail polish on your fingernails. During surgery we monitor your oxygen level through the fingertip. This can interfere with our ability to get a good reading.

Please do your best to remove all body piercings prior to surgery. While sometimes we realize this may be impossible or very difficult, we can discuss this prior to surgery in the pre-op holding area if absolutely necessary.

It is important on the day of surgery to wear loose and comfortable clothing. When you arrive at the surgery center or hospital, we will ask you to wear a surgical gown. Following the procedure, you will likely have a dressing in your area of surgery. Loose comfortable clothing will make it easier for you to get dressed and get home safely.

Following surgery, even though you may feel fine, you are still under the influence of an anesthetic or have received pain medication. You will need a ride home from the surgery center or hospital.

After surgery, I prefer that you have someone take you home as opposed to getting a ride home in a cab. It is important that somebody be with you for the first 24 hours to ensure that you have a safe early recovery.